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Nutritional Guidance


Nutritional Guidance for Your Well-Being 

At Abbey Chiropractic, we follow a holistic approach toward your health and wellness. We strongly believe that a healthy diet is essential to support your body's unique needs. Take advantage of our nutritional consultant’s 30 years of experience in providing the necessary dietary changes to help you lead a healthier, more energetic life. Call us today!

"I have had severe headaches and back pain for several years. Dr. Golden helped me alot. It is a pleasure to live without headaches."       - Rose

"I had severe pain in my neck, back and foot. Dr. Golden helped me a lot. Friendly office." 
-Miriam T.

"I had severe headaches for years. Dr. Golden helped me greatly."    - Angel R.

"I had severe back and neck pain. My back would go out. Since coming to Dr. Golden my back has not gone out and my pain in my neck and back is so much better."     -Shari T.
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Let's Eat Healthy and Get Better

  • Assessment of current caloric intake 
  • Assessment of current nutrient intake 
  • Tailored advice based on body type, metabolism and lifestyle 
  • Healthy, sustainable solutions
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Weight loss or weight gain goals

"I had hip and back pain for a long time. Dr. Golden's treatments helped me get back to normal and take care of my young child." - Dawn Q.

We accept all orthopedic and attorney referrals. Call us at 201-487-8771 to schedule an appointment.
Rely on our 35 years of chiropractic experience. 
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"I had suffered for months with severe pain in the back and legs. Doctor Golden has helped me return to walking several miles a day. The office is very friendly as well."
-Patrick B.

"Dr. Golden helped me with my severe back pain. My back pain is better and I am walking again. I am in my 80's and doing well!"
-Frances M.

Dr. Golden is licensed to work in Florida, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. You can count on his expertise.
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